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The path to the perfect diamond is just like climbing a mountain.

To reach the highest peak you need an expert guide – someone who will not only show you the best route, but also guide you safely and save you valuable time.
Trusted by discerning clients worldwide for more than 50 years, Andre Messika has the exceptional skill, experience, and global contacts needed to guide every client to the perfect diamond.

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Our expert staff helps you create your ideal diamond jewelry, to your complete satisfaction and specific criteria.
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Our story

The very moment Andre Messika, 13 years old, first glimpsed a fine diamond he instantly realized that he had discovered not only the love of his life, but also a profound professional calling.

In the 50 years since, Andre Messika has become a prominent, highly-respected name in the international diamond industry. The company’s head offices and polishing factory are located within the spectacular Diamond Tower of Israel’s Diamond Exchange in Tel Aviv. In 2014, Andre Messika Ltd. was awarded the title of Outstanding Exporter due to itsachievements in exporting polished diamonds.
The Andre Messika legacy is now continuing with Ilan Messika, Andre’s son, who joined the family business in 2014 after completing his specialist gemology studies.

“We stand for uncompromising professionalism, integrity, reliability, humility, and excellent, enduring relationships with all our clients.”

Vision & values

“A genuine passion and love for diamonds, combined with in-depth expertise, remarkable abilities, and unrivaled integrity, are the values ​​that have driven us for more than fifty years.”

Andre Messika provides its clients, including the world’s leading jewelers, with a one-stop-shop service encompassing every stage in the transformation from rough to polished diamonds. Transparency is our trademark, and the client is able to be involved in the manufacturing process.
We use the most up-to-date, innovative methods and new technologies, witnessing firsthand the remarkable way in which their diamond takes shape. Also, Andre Messika works exclusively with the finest rough diamonds sourced around the world to present every client with premium-quality diamonds.

Our Engagement

Every care is taken to respect all the qualities of this iconic natural treasure. Andre Messika Ltd is a proud member of the Kimberley Process, RJC, Israel Diamond Exchange, and Belgium Diamond Exchange.

Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS)

The United Nations initiative designed to prevent “conflict diamonds” being bought and sold in international markets. All Andre Messika diamonds are certified conflict-free.

Responsible Jewellery Council

The global standards and certification body for excellent business practices in the industry, including sustainability and responsible sourcing.

Israel Diamond Exchange

The world’s largest diamond exchange, where the Andre Messika Ltd. offices are located.

Belgium Diamond Exchange

The most extensive diamond district anywhere in the world, known as the center of the global diamond trade.

Our Services

Leading Professionals Since 1966

From Rough to Polished


Locating & Acquiring Diamonds

Every month, Andre Messika experts travel around the world seeking the best and most beautiful rough diamonds – an exhaustive search that ranges from the plains of Siberia to the mines of South Africa.

“We have longstanding professional relationships with the foremost suppliers worldwide, enabling us to source the very finest jewels.”



All the cutting-edge tools and technologies available to our experts help us make the crucial decisions that will affect the final look, style, shape, brilliance and weight of the diamond. We perform advanced scans that create a 3D image of the diamond, enabling close examination of every facet. However, despite all these technological advances, there is ultimately no substitute for the expert eye.

A rough diamond’s transformation into a polished diamond is truly magical. The entire manufacturing process is carried out at our on-site factory

giving us full quality control during every stage, which ensures that the ideal results are achieved. Since no two diamonds are exactly alike, every stone requires the full attention of our experts in gemology, natural materials, processing, cutting, and polishing.



Once we are able to precisely define all the characteristics of a particular diamond, our commercial team can begin to shape it in line with clients’ requirements. This is the stage where we match a diamond to the client.

A rough diamond’s transformation into a polished diamond is truly magical. The entire manufacturing process is carried out at our on-site factory


Right Diamond, right Client