The team

Our team is composed of leading specialists who have forged strong, close-knit professional relationships.

We believe in combining passion with purpose, respecting tradition while encouraging innovation, and promoting harmony throughout our work, as well as in our relationships with clients.

Andre Messika

Began his career in Paris at any early age setting out on a journey that has lasted for more than 50 years. In recent years he has been joined by his son Ilan, who has helped him to further strengthen the company’s core values of innovation and modernization.

Ilan Messika

grew up, as you might expect, in the world of diamonds. When he was just five years old, he was captivated by a brifka his father was holding, which hid within it some pristine examples of the world’s most perfect beauty. Ilan joined the Andre Messika company after spending his early twenties studying gemology. Today he is responsible for the manufacturing process.

In-House Production

In recent years, the construction of an in-house factory has enhanced our stringent supervision and control of the entire production process. We established the factory within the Andre Messika head offices at the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, Israel. Equipped with the most sophisticated tools and technology, it enables us to offer our clients superior-quality products that have been closely monitored throughout the production process. Our green factory has been designed with the environment in mind, and uses special ventilation systems to monitor and remove the dust created during the production process.

Customer Service

Selling our diamonds all over the world and at worldwide exhibitions, the Sales Department has in-depth knowledge of every client, enabling the company to better understand which diamonds will best suit their needs.
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Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department is constantly tasked with not only meeting client and market demands, but also anticipating them. “We are always looking for new stones, both round and fancy shapes. It is vitally important for us to ensure that we always have new products to present, and make every effort to anticipate and rapidly respond to client demand. This is why our purchasing and sales departments always work hand-in-hand.”

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Stock Team

Our dedicated stock team takes complete care of all our diamonds, including supply and shipment, according to client requests. The team works in close collaboration with the purchasing and sales departments, ensuring that the company’s inventory responds to market demand.

Rough Department

The expert staff of the Rough Department possesses superlative skill when it comes to revealing all the potential beauty within a rough diamond.


The gemologists carefully examine the diamonds before they are delivered to the customer, as well as when diamonds are returned by customers or following exhibitions, ensuring that the certificate accurately represents the diamond’s characteristics. This meticulous process gives all customers complete confidence that they are receiving a diamond of the very finest quality.

Layout service

From matching diamond pairs to full lines and necklaces, Our expert staff helps you create your ideal diamond jewelry,to your complete satisfaction and specific criteria.